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The Knit Kit, The Knit Kit


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Dubbed ?The Swiss Army? tool of knitting, The Knit Kit offers 10 essential accessories needed for knitting on the go in an all-in-one solution. From a novice knitter to a seasoned knitting veteran, everyone needs a Knit Kit in their project bag!

The Knit Kit includes a Row Counter (1), Crochet Hook (2), Retractible 5 ft. tape measure in both inches and centimeters (3), Thread Cutter (4), TSA Complaint Slip-N-Snip? collapsible scissors (5), Round Stitch Markers – 4x 10mm and 4x 6mm (6), Locking Stitch Markers 2x (7), Point Protectors (8), Darning Needle (9), and a Needle Gauge (10) on the back compartment flap. All together in a very durable, compact, easy to locate device.