Thread & Maple, Notions Clutch

CAD $225.00

(USD $168.75)


The Thread & Maple Notions Clutch is a compact, stylish organizer for your most used knitting tools, with specialized compartments to securely hold circular and DPN needles, embroidery scissors, tapestry needles, stitch markers, a tape measure, and cable needle. Handmade from genuine quality leather, the clutch is remarkably soft and pleasant to the touch.

The top right corner is fitted with a discreet magnet, perfect for keeping darners & stitch markers from slipping away while working. With additional compartments to hold pattern print-outs or other notions, the Notions Clutch is a maker’s true companion.

The soft leather will show signs of use which will imbue the case with a sense of history and character. For those who prefer to keep their case looking new, however, a small piece of wool felt that is included to quickly brush away any marks or scratches.


Removable metal stitch markers (not shell ones shown)
Tapestry needles
A measuring tape
Embroidery scissors

Does not include cable needle.

Available in 3 stunning colour combinations.